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    Cruising for more...

    Quote: guest
    It wasn't just water, it was total lack of respect and an attempt at public humiliation. Tom fought back and publicly humiliated the moron... Best possible reaction from Tom. He served the guy his own medecine
    Oh please. If Tom wants to be treated like a super person, the type that Katie is ooh-ing and aah-ing about, he would have laughed, but he takes himself way too seriously. Juyst what royalty does he think he is?????

    He didn't humliate the guy, but definitely humiliated himself. I think Tom's being very arrogant, and needs an ego-cut. Now that would make him a really big star in my eyes, somebody who can take a joke.

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    tom is nuts

    He gets all godly, then climbs into Brooke far worse, and he wants my respect? I don';t watch a single movie with that nut in it any more, he's a meglomaniac.

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    tom muhahahaha

    lol i think this is funny i mean litten up guys it was just a joke

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    im everywhere baby!

    i cant believe they did that to TOM CRUISE
    if i was TOM
    i would have punched the reporter

    ''oh u think thats funny ####?"
    "gonna be eating through a straw for the rest of ur life ####''

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    Ok, Lets say you are a super famous actor with a humble and honest personality and someone did that to you, what would you do? hmhh?

    yeah, that's right, much worst.

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    Re: Tom Cruise Squirted

    tom cruise is on the red carpet answering questions on his new movie and he gets squirted with water by a "reporter" and he laughs a bit before humiliations sets in and he starts angrily questioning the guy. i think the guy who squirted him was an idiot. because he didnt stand up better to tom the tool. the guy should of just made some ludicrous reason up like how he was trying to protect tom and katie. it was attempt to cool tom down before he had his way with kaite on the red carpet and embarressed himself further.

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    Re: Tom Cruise Squirted

    Quote: Dave
    I found the first video. In typical Microsoft fashion, they only allow you to see the video options if you use IE.

    Anyway, the closest the interview came to saying "Tom is right" is that he had some valid points which shouldn't be overlooked. On one hand this is fair enough - antidepressants are certainly over-prescribed and drug companies are notorious for making exaggerated claims. However it's clear to me that Tom never intended to say anti-depressants should be prescribed with more moderation and education. He clearly said that they were ineffective. More to the point he described psychiatry as a pseudo-science which is blatant nonsense. Psychiatry is a science with a lot of problems but that's a very different thing to a pseudo-science.

    Tom may have inadvertently made some half-true statements, but the thrust of his argument is dangerously wrong. Saying that psychiatry is a pseudo-science because some medications are over-prescribed is like saying mathematics is a pseudo-science because some people can't add.

    I'm not going to continue this argument because there are other people asking questions in these forums which need answers and I don't have time for all of them. Sorry but I really don't want to spend any more time talking about Tom's idiotic and grossly uninformed rantings, when 99% of the population can already see them for what they are.

    Umm...actually they aren't uninformed. He's completely right. No scientist has ever verified that mental "problems" are caused by chemical imbalances. Yes, anti-depressants do work, but the catch is that the placebos work just as well. The problem is that psychologists and psychiatrists really don't know anything about the thing they claim to study--the human mind. Any honest neuroscientist will admit that the brain is probably too complex to ever be understood. If you want to read about the progress of science with regard to the mind, then I recommend John Horgan's book "The Undiscovered Mind." It is truly scary how little these "experts" actually know. I also recommend these two articles:

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    Re: Tom Cruise Squirted

    I believe that antidepressants are not a good long-term solution. I believe they are frequently misprescribed and abused. I believe many psychiatrists are incompetent. I believe the science of psychiatry is fraught with problems.

    This does not mean that psychiatry is a flawed science. It means that some people misuse it.

    The placebo debate has been terribly misreported, for example, few reports mention that the therapeutic difference between placebos and antidepressants increases with the severity of the depression. Uninformed people do not pick up on these things and go around saying "placebos are just as effective as antidepressants". Of course this has never been shown to be true in any case, but is even less true for severely depressed people.

    I am a registered psychiatric nurse with many years experience in the field. My point of view comes not just from reading articles but from living and working with psychiatric patients. When you spend all day every day dealing with this topic, you come to trust your own research and judgement a lot more than some anonymous forum poster who quotes a couple of articles.

    BTW, a quick Google search will show arguments on both sides of the placebo debate. If you want to present a balanced argument with truth as the goal, show articles from both sides.
    Dave Owen

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