Are You Ready For Your Close Up, Mr. Binaca?

We certainly hope so, because this is not your typical Video Contest. Move over Oscar Winners --- Binaca is back and this time, they want to give everyone the opportunity to have some fun recreating their favorite movie scenes, and in the process cast Binaca in a supporting role…

Step 1) Pick a famous scene from any movie and re-create it using Binaca as a central prop or character.

Step 2) Submit your video to by September 28th.

Step 3) $10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded.

Step 4) Upload any of the winning videos to YouTube and get as many views as you can in the 60 days following the contest. 50,000 views gets you an iPad. 100,000 views gets you a weekend in Vegas. 250,000 views gets you a trip to Hawaii. 1,000,000 views gets you a Smart Car.

Requirements: Must be 13 years or older, videos must not exceed :30 and videos are due October 5th, 2010.