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    Fire wire and audio question

    Hey this is really cool site, it help a lot, I am from Chile. You know I have a sony minidv cam and I conected thru firewire to my PC, I work with some software to capture. I have problem with working with the audio that come from a mixer table. I think audio and video come together when capturing so is there a way I can capture only video by firewire and audio by the sound card that way I can control more the audio???? thanks for the help .

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    You could capture the audio in analog form by connecting the line-out from your Sony cam to the line-in of your computer and then sync the image and audio in your editing sofware.
    What software do you edit with?

    What aspect of the audio do you want to control?

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    Depending on how advanced the camera is, there tends to be an option in the menus (at least I think there is on mine) which allows you to pick and choose what you want coming out of each output, so you might be able to find that you can select just video to come through FW, and audio through, as GeoKil says, through the line-out port on your camera.

    Also, I believe Premiere Pro has the option of capturing just the video, although I haven't used it myself so I don't know where it would be. It also depends on what software you use.


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