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Thread: New Sony HD1000

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    New Sony HD1000

    Hi All

    James will love this!!! Sony have replaced the HD1000 with the newer MC2000 now and tape has gone!!

    Specs are at the link below


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    The video formats are a tad tricky for editing...
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Hey Nagar

    If you have a QuadCore then it's a breeze!! I see that this also has an SD mode!! With my HMC72 Panasonics you can get a free Transcoder from the website that allows you to convert quickly to DV-AVI. When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm doing Realty video which only needs to be in SD so I transcode the footage from the card after a shoot. It's still quicker than tape!! I can transcode an hour of AVCHD footage on my little DuoCore in less than 20 minutes to AVI and the quality is still awesome!! With realtime tape capture it would take me an hour.

    People here are still very slow to take up on BluRay so the media is still very expensive!! Up to $25 for a blank disk as opposed to 30c for a blank DVD!!! I would say that the average homeowner has at least an LCD or plasma TV now but still stays with the DVD player. In fact those that own BD players only have them cos they were given away free with a new TV. The trend looks like it may gravitate towards solid state players in the future rather than disk media.

    Nice to hear from you gain...What's been happening in Singapore???


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    Yes I spotted the MC2000 on a post-IBC 2010 blog post - very nice upgrade indeed. It's a shame it doesn't have the XLR inputs, but the main thing for me would be the low-light capabilities, which appear to be better. Oh, what's that? Tape has gone? Finally!

    I'm considering whether to a) purchase some accessories and stick with the HD1000, or b) take the plunge and sell HD1000 and upgrade to the MC2000. It'd certainly save me a lot in terms of consumables, and that's what lets me down currently, the fact that I have to buy new tapes each and every time I want to record something!!!

    It's a nice upgrade for sure :-)

    Only thing for me is that I'd have to beef up my PC - it can barely handle the format they're in now (think it's MP4?), and from Chris' specs and past forum posts, AVCHD is a massively more complex format to edit, and so my computer would just probably sit down and cry at the thought of doing it.

    Needs upgrading anyway so I'll really have to decide what to do first - computer, accessories, or camera?...


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    Hey James

    VAAST make a neat little app called Upshift. What it does is convert AVCHD to HDV at a bitrate of 50mbs seriously cannot see the difference so you still have HD files and they will be much the same as your current HD1000 ones (Program cost me $49)

    If you shoot a lot like me the tape saving is massive!!! My typical month would be 3 or 4 weddings and probably 20 or more Realty shoots which would account pretty much for a bulk pack of tapes (50) which used to cost me around $300 ..that's $3600 a year (more than the camera!!!)

    I replace my SDHC cards (and rotate them) twice a year with 6 cards at $27.00 each so over 6 months my outlay is $162 ( total for the year is almost the same as monthly tape cost!!!) In fact nowdays it's pretty safe to use the cards for a year or more as the specs quote 10,000 insertions!!! I don't even toss the cards out!!! I mainly use the newer ones for weddings (non-repeatable event) and the "well used" ones for Realty shoots as if a card DID fail I could simply reshoot that bit on site.

    Just upgrading would help pay for the camera and you would be surprised how much you can get for the old one on ebay too....If you list it as a "professional shoulder-mount events camera" it would be sure to sell easily. Both my old MD10000's sold on a "Buy it Now" within a day for $850 and I only paid $1100 for them (each) that's not too shabby a loss after a year and a bit's work.



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