Despite all my research, this isn't as clear cut as I would think as I haven't found the answers ...

Live stream a cam on a broadband connection to unlimited and all types of connected devices

Architectural Components:
(1) Camera Site => (2) Video Server => (3) PCs, Macs, mobile devices, etc

(1) Camera and Sofware to use?
Seems an IP camera with low light capability and can stream MPEG4 would work best, given setting and mobile devices. And what software to upstream?

(2) Live streaming video host and software/network connection handling software?
Is a provider with a CDN necessary? Who's best?
It's tricky to me how the connections work and (2) only asks (1) for the one stream when multiple people are requesting it from (2). This of course would be a requirement because (1) could only handle the one upstream. What manages this?

Really appreciate any help or comments you could provide as this project is really not progressing as we'd all hope...