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    Videoing airplanes need advice

    I am videoing radio control model airplanes.
    On a bright/hazy/cloudy day my airplanes in flight come out as dark silhouettes.
    Shoud I use the Back Light button on my camcorder, or the Netural Density filter, or neither?
    Any and all advice on shooting airplanes will appreciaeted.

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    Getting an image of anything small and detailed against a bright background, whilst it is moving is probably one of the biggest problems of photography, with video, I would suggest getting the biggest close-up possible (minimising the background sky), don't use auto-exposure, but expose for the detail on the aircraft, it doesn't matter if the background is burned out in this case since sky is sky all white. Also use an ND to reduce the overall light level, especially to stop down a bit to shorten depth of field to bring the detail of the aircraft out. What camera you using ??


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