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    WMV control panel not showing up

    I have copied/pasted the html code on the example given in MC and changed the file name to mine - but the control panel (play/stop/pause) is still not showing up. Video file has been uploaded to site and I have current WMV player installed. When I refresh the page, the wmv window shows the control panel for a brief moment, then disappears. Any thoughts?

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    Can you show us the URL?
    Dave Owen

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    I am not sure if this problem is similar to mine.
    I have embedded a .wmv file into a webpage & cannot get the "seek" to work.
    I have tried using an .avi with the same results.
    After searching on the web, I realize that I am not alone with this issue.

    I will gladly place the url in here if requested.

    Thank you in advance..........Laura


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