Hi Folks,

Lately i am having a hard time understanding the signal flow in a 2.1 setup. from what i know its this way

TRS plug ----> 3 wires out -----> goes into Volume control ----> and 4 wires from the Sub are connected to Vol control----> from the subs are the two outs for my speakers

i hope you understood

i have a creative 2.1 speaker, the problem is the volume controller stopped functioning and i am able to hear only in one speaker, speakers are having no problems,

so i thought i'll just ditch that vol controller and hook the wires directly, but it seems that there are 3 wires ( i suppose left,right and ground) coming in from the Trs stereo plug.. and 4 wires coming in from the Subwoofer,

now how on earth am i supposed to connect 3 wires with 4,

And also someone on the web recently told me that the ground or common holds the signal for both left and right... or something like that,

i clearly did not understand what role does the common or ground wire play, i always thought that it was simply there for you know grounding LOL, never knew it transmits audio signals too....

any ways i'll be great full if someone could explain this phenomenon LOL, and help me connect it directly

thanks IN advance