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    Screaming and Kicking into another era

    My little JVC DVP 3 has finally bit the dust. (156 one hour tapes later.)
    Everything in the market has changed since 2002 but not all change is good.
    So where to now for a new vid camera. Hard drive or Cards/sticks.
    Around the shops it looks like the viewfinder cameras have gone too.
    Any suggestions?:

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    It's hard to let go of your tapes but you will really appreciate cards...HDD's are really a waste of time and SDHC cards are cheap now!!!

    Yes, unfortunately unless you shoot on pro cams the EVF has gone ...luckily my HMC72's have EVF's and I shoot 99% of footage on them too!!


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    I just took delivery (2 days ago) of a new XDCAM EX3 and HP Z400Workstation. I've been a tape man for 19 years but can all ready feel the benefits of cards. I took 1.5 hours of test footage today and sucked it into my Avid within 5 minutes!!! I'm still smiling! As time goes on I'm sure I will look back on tape as prehistoric. The only drawback is the need to be more conscious to backup as the cards will be reused for every shoot.
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    I also bought a Sony EX3 recently. Hope you're having as much fun as I am
    I think the Viewfinder solution on the EX3 is close to perfect, and I've set up one of the assign buttons to switch between colour & monochrome.
    I agree with Chris that cards are better than hard drives by a long way. For my EX3 I opted for the cheaper adaptors that take standard 32GB SD cards. They work fine but don't transfer data as quickly as the pro SxS cards. On the plus side you can use the same cards in different devices.
    Dave Owen


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