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    Thank you!

    Hello there ! I normally never register in a webpage but I have always been interested in learning html and programming codes and this is the first page I see that shows its contents free and has a very nice and comprehensive beginner tutorial for html which I have just studied!

    Since I am currently in university studying business I don't have time to enroll in classes but hopefully with the help of this website and others I'll hopefully find ill be able to learn html, c++ and what ever I can in my free time.

    So pretty much just to thank the website and introduce myself ! Sorry if this is considered spam.

    If anyone knows more webpages with tutorials such as this one I would appreciate them sharing ! But only if they are easy to follow such as this and step by step!

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    Hey, Rocky!!
    I have learned basic html in college but lots of it i had to learn myself from
    They have tutorials for different languages including html and java.

    Good luck!!!

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    There are many websites available for learning html or other language like
    HTML Dog
    but i recommend you w3schools because it provides important as well as basic knowledge and tutorials about html.


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