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    I cannot play streaming video with my WMP 9.0

    Hello everybody

    I cannot play streaming video with my WMP 9.0, if streaming server uses udp protocol for transmit (for example : mmsu://

    There is this error occurs
    " Windows Media Player cannot play the file. A network firewall may be preventing the Player from opening the file by using the UDP transport protocol. To play this file, try opening the file without specifying UDP."

    I have turned my firewall off, but I still cannot play this file.
    When I try open some videos from mms:// or mmst:// (it is microsoft media server using tcp protocol), everthing is OK.

    I don't known what I can do.
    Can anybody help me, please?

    Best regards.


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    Hi Stefo,

    Sorry about the delayed reply. I had to look into this one but I think I've found the problem. Change the protocol at the start of the file name from mmsu to mms so it looks like this:


    If this doesn't work, I've made a page showing another couple of options to try:
    Dave Owen


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