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    "Error :Could not load file

    I am getting an error as "Error :Could not load file" when I am using a parameter fpPreviewImageURL.

    My code:

    <!-- MC Media Player --> <script type="text/javascript"> playerFile = "mcmp_0.8.swf";

    fpFileURL = "";
    fpPreviewImageURL = "try.jpg";
    playerSize = "870x500"; </script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="mcmp_0.8.js"></script> <!-- / MC Media Player -->

    I have kept all files mentioned in the code in the same folder from where this code is run.

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    This is resolved. The format of image was not proper. I saved it as JPG, but it was still showing type as bitmap. May be I did not convert it to be aproper jpg.

    Now works well in this awesome player.



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