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    In need of guidance...

    so i am trying to figure out what i need to accomplish my goal but since i have such little experience in AV,i dont know the names for what im trying to accomplish.

    so i made a paint.
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    so my question is,

    -what are the best cams for this app?

    -does such an interface exist?

    -can i control the the different projectors in real time with a pc?

    end result,i want to have many cameras set up and be able to switch whats being played on the different projectors in realtime.

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    Hi Fred,

    I can't actually see the picture - it's a bit too small I'm afraid!

    From your second post, however, I'm gathering that you want to have several cameras set up, have their video (and audio?) fed to a central computer, which can act as a video mixer, outputting different signals to different outputs, in your case projectors.

    If so, yes, it's entirely feasible - however, it may be either cheap, but hard to actually do, or, expensive, and easy to do.

    I won't write any more in case I'm totally wrong with my assumption, but write back and let me know.

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    i just need the video as it will be used for live performance.kinda like a jumbotron type setup.

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    Ok well in that case, yes it certainly can be done:

    Cheap way:

    Use existing computer with as many camera inputs as possible (usually FireWire), and as many outputs as you need (VGA?)

    You then need software to handle the mixing part - VidBlaster is something I've played around with before, but never used properly.

    Advantages of this setup:
    - easy to get setup
    - should work for most people

    - need a very powerful computer to handle many cameras and outputs
    - may need to upgrade computer with extra input cards/output cards.
    - need good knowledge of upgrading computers to be able to know what card will work with your system.

    Expensive way:

    Gets dedicated mobile studio system or at the least vision mixer.

    - easy to use
    - broadcast quality with less possible lag than cheap way
    - all the pro advantages of a vision mixer

    - very expensive
    - can be complicated to setup without prior knowledge
    - if something goes wrong it's more difficult to troubleshoot

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    Just noticed your picture is bigger.

    Bullet camera - presume this is going to be some sort of sporting activity, perhaps mountain biking or something?

    If so then it's going to be more expensive - you'll need transmitters and receivers, which will cover the ground you need. The mixing is the same as before, but it's just getting that initial input.

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    well heres what my end goal is:

    im going to set up maybe ten cameras on a stage during a concert.

    i want to display the camera angles live feed using the two projectors.

    im assuming the bullet cameras are cheaper because i will be using the pc as a DVR instead of ten individual cams.

    from running sound, i assume the bullet cams will feed into a interface that has video outs that can be controlled by the pc?

    Bullet Cams>>>Interface>>>PC>>>Interface>>>Projectors

    iam i even close on this one?


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