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    File or stream not found when using german umlauts

    Hi guys,

    I really love MC Altair but unfortunatly I have problems playing movie-files with german umlauts e.g. ä,ö or ü.

    I tried to pass the filename as it is and I tried to pass it with the php-function rawurlencode.

    Short example for filenames:
    ../movies/Gänse.flv (without rawurlencode)
    ..%2Fmovies%2FG%E4nse.flv (with rawurlencode)
    The rawurlencode-Method works great if I have blanks or other non-standard signs in my file or pathname but it unfortunatly does not work for umlauts like ä,ö or ü (haven't tried umlauts of other languages yet).

    Great regards,

    PS Renaming the files is nearly impossible because I use the filename directly to show the files on a website. So changing the filename would also change the view for the website-user.

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    I got the same troubles with french special characters, i've reverted to ascii on my side. For german you can use ascii equivalents adding ~e or ss .like Gruess.and then patching with js or php to show umlauts in titles. I know this is ugly but it can be hacked. I think the problem is due to the encoding that is not utf-8 compatible like all us stuff (it's the same with core of pdf files "ansified" by the way)...they are defending their ascii or cp-1252 like a castle even if unicode was invented by an american to bridge the gap with charsets. I am really dreaming of the day all will be utf-16 so chinese and japanese could be readable in all software without a hassle but it is clearly not for today even in the 'open' world wide web....


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