Marc Ecko has introduced a Muse "augmented reality" contest featuring Lohan as his Muse to kick off the launch of his new line, Cut & Sew. With that said, Lindsay is now our Muse to win the grand prize of $10,000. Through on-screen holographic manipulation, users are supposed to interact with Lindsay and manipulate her vast range of emotions, ultimately allowing us to play around with Lindsay and her emotions.

So how do you enter?
STEP 1 - Go to and record an augmented reality video with you and Marc Ecko’s Muse, Lindsay Lohan. You can play one of the story chapters, or direct your own video in “Play With Your Emotions”.
STEP 2 - Once finished recording, click on “Publish” or “Enter Contest”.
STEP 3 - Fill out the submission form and click “Submit”. Wait for the video to upload, and that’s it. Your video will shortly appear in the user video gallery.