Hi everyone!

My name is John, Co-founder of Minus ( http://Min.us ), a new webapp that enables drag-n-drop sharing of photo galleries and soon to be documents, music/videos and more. Our goal is to revolutionize the way sharing is done and we hope you can help us make that happen!

We've been very busy improving Minus over the past month since launch and think it's about time we made things more fun and hold a video contest

Below are the details for the video competition:


1- Video Tutorial should have some element outside of just the tutorial, such as a storyline or fun things about Minus (comedy etc..) Please see sample video a fan made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jY-YjoZuBE

Use of "stop motion animation" is highly recommended as it demonstrates Minus very well. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jY-YjoZuBE

2- Video Tutorial must demonstrate Minus' main features including
(We recommend recording video using Google Chrome browser)

- Drag-n-drop uploading of multiple images (5-10 images)
- Browsing of the gallery
- Editing gallery title
- Deleting an image from the gallery + gallery itself
- Browsing of My Galleries page
- Use of music is recommended
- Use of MINUS Logo at the end of the video is required.
Use MINUS LOGO here: http://min.us/ic6wAE.png

You can add more things to this Tutorial, like registration, login etc... It's up to the contestants.

3- Video tutorials must be submitted as a "response" to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jY-YjoZuBE and also emailed to john@min.us the full quality version. Contestants are encouraged to share and show their work here, in this thread and anywhere else.

(We encourage everyone to upload their videos to more than youtube as well, to help spread Minus. Such as vimeo, 5min, dailymotion, facebook, metacafe and more!)

4- Contestants will always refer to Min.us as Minus.
Video Description: Must include "Minus ( http://min.us )" in it, the URL is very important.
Video Title: Must include "Minus - Share Simply" in it
Video Tags: Must include "min.us,minus,sharing,simple"

5- No illegal activities whatsoever are admissible on the video tutorial. Please keep the photos used legal and PG.


- This contest will end on December 15th, 2010 (included);
- The winner will be picked based on video originality & quality, demonstration of creativity and also use of Minus in action!


- $100 via Paypal or in forms of Gift Card
- name for 1 year + Basic Web Hosting account
- Opportunity to work with Minus Team on an "Official Minus" Video and other projects on Minus.
- Opportunity to have video featured on Minus homepage, twitter, facebook and more
- Freebies to Minus in the future when there are pro-accounts.

Sample Video we have created with "stop motion" technique and basic tutorial use with logo in the end and music.


Other considerations:

- All contestants will be considered and we will compile a list for Minus users as well to view.
- There is no limit to length of the video, but we recommend to keep it under 5 minutes.
- All contestants agree that Minus is allowed to publish their work as if those Tutorials are its property;
- All contestants agree to let Minus publish the winner tutorial on its website

Thanks again everyone and best of luck to you all, and i hope everyone has fun doing them. Please feel free to be creative, silly and fun in the making while delivering a clear use of Minus as well.

Feel free to PM me directly or email john@min.us with any questions