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    SSH and Media Player

    I have a cuckoo clock store. I have used Media MC Altair on my site to show videos of clocks. I got a ssh url now. I just set it up. Now I do not have the video blocks or video on the homepage. I changed the scripting to
    HTML Code:
    but it does not work that way either. Can anyone direct me on why it does this on a secure page.

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    Hi Ed,

    HTTPS is not SSH - it is simply secured HTTP. SSH is used more for file management (simply an enhanced version of the old Telnet commands), and can't really be used in the manner we want here.

    As for your post, when I went to the videos displayed fine for me.

    Are you using a proxy on your network? What sort of speed is your internet?

    If the answers are no + high speed, then there a couple of options to explore, otherwise, if it is yes for the proxy, try disabling this. If your internet speed it slow, try waiting a minute or two to see if the videos do load - HTTPS is sometimes quite slow.

    The other options:

    Try clearing the cache of your browser (type 'clear cache <browser>' into Google for instructions, replace <browser> with whatever browser you are using.
    Try resetting your router (simply, switch off and on again).

    You could also perhaps talk to your web host, but I doubt that it is an issue at their end - as I said before, your videos work fine for me.

    One last note - your /video directory is unsecured - which means people can download the videos and other files from the directory - to rectify this, put a blank index.html file in the directory - people who try to manually go there (which will pretty much only be malicious people) will be greeted with a blank page.



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