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    Audio not working when in Remote Desktop

    I have a mc altair player working successfully on an internal web site (not a public .com) when I access it from my desktop pc (Windows 7 x64) but when I connect via remote desktop to another PC the same web site video doesn't play audio (it is also Win 7 x64). Other audio works but not these videos. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

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    Seems your desktop remote tool does not forward local sound, most of them don't have this feature so you will have to install a proxy sound server to be able to hear the sound remotely. I don't think vnc is capable of such thing. Check as well if on the remote PC, sound is not disabled or sound level is null and test with a local file there first. If it works that means the videorate is not sufficient or your are annoyed by routing that does not proxy the stream correctly .


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