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    What is the best Free production vidéo software

    hi guys

    Could you tell me what is the best Free production vidéo software ?


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    I think Avid Media Composer- Avid Media Composer Software is a professional video editing software program developed by Avid Technology, Inc. Is the best Free production video software.

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    is it available for full version or not because most of the time free softwares don't have full features in free download.
    I wanr to produce a DVD through any DVD producer software.

    Can anyone suggest me to produce a DVD thorough this kind of software ?

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    Unfortunately the free version of Avid is no longer available. Here's a few worth looking at:

    Previously I would also have recommended MS Movie Maker as a good free option (yes, I know it was rubbish but we are talking about the free/bottom end of the market). Movie Maker is no longer available and the replacement, Windows Live Movie Maker, is no good at all. Avoid.
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    as dave already pointed out i would look into

    It has been a long time since i have used a free (bottom end) editor, but i guess when you ask what the "best" one is, you have to take into account what features you need it to have.
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    try lightworks.

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    you just aint gonna find a good/free NLE. Take yer pick. It's an either/or thing.
    I have over 80k in my Avid suite. My daughter cuts lots of cool things with just Windows Movie Maker. By that, you'll find much of the power is in the artist, not his tools. Having stated that, I'll say again, there are no good free NLE apps to be had. Just acceptable stair steppers...


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