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    How did you become a Videographer or Cinematographer?

    How did you become a Videographer or Cinematographer?

    Hello, I've been doing casual photography and a few films here and there (including two casual wedding films as "wedding gifts") for a few years now. Unfortuantly I never went to film school, though I've been told that I have a natural "knack" for the art and I'm fairly good at picking up photography and cinema techniques (lighting and white/color balance, framing shots, ISO's, etc, etc you know what I mean) My dream...or at idea I have is to maybe film weddings in a year or so with heavy, free practice on a good camera (I really want a Canon 5D mark ii or something of that sort).

    Anyway, I was just kind of wondering how people became videographers and such...did you go to film school? Did you apprentice with someone? Or did you do what I' doing...just practiced and taught yourself over the years until you were at a highly skilled level?

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    I started in college. I worked for the news department there, and went on to become production manager of a local station. I then took a better gig (well better market) in FL. Now i am sitting in Charlotte NC running my own Production house, and doing contract work for companies that want Coorprate videos, Commericals, and interweb videos. I have picked up quite a bit of Web Design along the way, so that is what i am doing now. I also shoot for movies here in the area as a Free lancer. (Owning one of the only 3D cameras in the area helps)
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