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    WEDDING VOWS AUDIO -need help

    I've been hunting around the forums looking for topics discussing how best to capture wedding audio. What are the tools of the trade? I've read some people mentioned wireless mic's and lapel mic's for recording interviews...I am assuming these might work well for capturing wedding vows...could someone give me some good brand examples to research?

    Thank you for your time!

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    I'm still using radio mics and have 3 sets of Azden's ...1 is UHF and the others are VHF and I get really nice audio too!! The trend has been to move over to DVR's like the Zoom H2 but I must admit I like the idea of being able to monitor my audio and the operation of dropping a DVR into the groom's pocket and turning it on and hope that it is recording is scary!!!


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    A wireless lav. mic on the groom works well for vows & anything near him. I use Sennheiser with a Tram T-50 mic. You can spend more and less. But I think most will agree that you usually get what you pay for. Good mics NEVER go out of style. Most of the new systems allow you to scan for a clear signal to use. Just make sure any other wireless users (like the church) in area have their systems on. I strongly advice to stay away from low end, single channel systems.
    You should also check into a digital recorder. I use a Zoom H4n (about $300). You can set it near a secondary audio source like readings from a podium or live music. It has built in stereo mics and you can also plug in mics and record to seperate channels. I find recording at 48kHz / 16bit works best with my NLE (Premiere Pro). Download it, drop it on the timelime, sync it to the video & away you go. I find there is no drift. Since you'll probably not be able to monitor the recorder during the ceremony, I strongly advice you get very comfortable with it before you rely on it to save your behind and/or the edit. The time you use learning your gears pays off in spades on location.

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    I too use wireless lav mics. I use Sure mics, but any good quality mic will do.
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    What jakeman3 said. I use the Zoom H4n too and it's one of the best investments I ever made. I usually use it as my backup audio which is the point I was actually going to make: Wherever possible don't only rely on a single audio recording. You never know if your carefully placed mic is going to fail, fall off, get affected by interference or experience some other disaster. I put my H4n on a mic stand and place it as near to the subjects as possible, so I always have a backup.
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