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    Edirol V-8 Video Mixer Setup

    I just got this new Edirol V-8 Video Mixer to replace a glitchy old Videonics MXPro. I have it mostly setup but...

    I cannot get the preview out set to see all the feeds coming into the machine. On my Videonics I had two TVs set up--one for the preview of all the screens and one for viewing the one actually being sent out to our viewers.

    I imagine it is something simple--but I cannot seem to see it.

    Ideas? Thanks so much!

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    That's a nice bit of kit that mixer - I've seen it marketed on a supplier site a few times, but as with nearly everything, out of my price and needs range right now!

    I've had a skim through the manual, and come up with the following (check out page 14 too):

    There are a few different 'outputs':

    - One is the final output, which is an S-Video socket , next to your Preview Out socket
    - The one next to this is the Preview Out socket (an RCA/BNC type socket)
    - The others are your Monitor outs, which are directly under the input sockets - these are also RCA/BNC.

    This implies that you can only have one monitor for each input, which as you stated didn't happen with your old Videonics, so I had a nosey at the manual for the MX Pro, and after looking at it, I believe that that simply had it's own on-board processing unit, which combined the images together.

    I think that Roland (aka Edirol) have assumed that 99% of people will be using multi-monitor style layouts, and have one monitor for each source.

    So, I guess you're looking at up to 7 or even 8 new monitors :-/


    Just had another scout through the manual - check out pages 22 and 87, they seem to say that you can set "Always-1-8" and that "The preview output will be fixed at channel 1–8 or at the final output." 22 explains this a little, and page 87 shows you where it is in the menu - have a go, and let us know if that worked for your or not - it'll certainly help if I ever needed to do this in the future!!!

    Wow that took me like an hour to do that post and the research - time for a break!



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