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    Resizing image from one website to put on another website

    I report the news for a library-oriented webblog, When I find an image that I'd like to add to a story, I know how to post the image via the usual <img src=" "> html, but if the image is too large for the website where I'm posting it, I don't know how to resize it. Once the image is copied to my computer, I can resize it on adobe photoshop, but then I don't know how to grab the correct html to get it up on my website. Am I making myself clear, lol? Thanks for your help.

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    well there are a few ways to do this. If you are resizing in PS then you will need to up load the image to a server ie: or (there are many others out there, that are better). what you need then, is once you upload your image is the URL where the new re-sized image lives. then use that url in the <img src=""> code.

    Another way to achieve the desired result is to code it with specific dimensions (this way is not as good as the coding will not always follow your paramiters depending on where it is hosted) but you would go about this like the following <img src" " width="60" height="60"> Notice the numbers after the width and height are the # of pixels wide/tall your image box will be, thus resizing the image

    hope this helps.

    One more word of advice. I would be careful where you "acquire" your images, as a lot of images are copyrighted and or on a server that will give you an undesirable result if you try to use their hosted image.
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