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    Please help debunk this video! Special effects in use?

    Hi, I'm new and this looks to be the place where I can get some answers.

    My team and I have been trying to debunk this video on Youtube and this guy is good. I'm not sure if he is using some sort of special effects (stand still photography, fishing line, air) but he is very good.

    ALL help is appreciated.


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    Unfortunately you're probably on a road to nowhere trying to prove that the video is fake. There are plenty of simple tricks that he could have used, and there's nothing convincing about the video at all, but you may never be able to prove that any particular trick was used.

    Instead, try tackling it from a logical point of view, for example:

    Premise 1: When presented with two possible explanations, the one which makes the least number of new assumptions, or relies on assumptions which have the best supporting evidence, is most likely to be the correct answer (this is known as "Occam's Razor" or "The Principle of Parsimony").
    Premise 2: We have conclusive proof that it's easy to fake videos like this. For examples, see the debunking videos by Captain Disillusion.
    Premise 3: We do not have conclusive proof that paranormal activity is real.
    Conclusion: This video is more likely to be fake than the result of paranormal activity.

    I notice that someone commented on that video: "Recording something on video is about the best proof you can expect from anyone about anything". That's a bizarre statement - video is trivially easy to fake these days. It's very poor quality evidence indeed. The best quality proof in this case would be to employ a skeptical investigator and follow accepted scientific methods of investigation. Some guy with a video camera doesn't count, especially when he has a motive to fake the video (YouTube hits, fame and money).

    In other words, what's more likely: That this guy has found hard evidence of ghosts, or that this guy uses off-the-shelf video tricks to generate fame & money?

    Carl Sagan said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". This is an extraordinary claim with sub-ordinary evidence. Although this guy should be able to convince people who already want to believe in the paranormal, that's not exactly a challenge because those people are easy to dupe. If he wants anyone else to take him seriously then he'll need to accept serious investigators into his life (hint: these people seldom call themselves "ghost hunters"). Of course he probably won't care about that because he's probably more concerned with his view count than his scientific credibility.

    My advice is actually to steer clear of these videos altogether. They're a cheap attempt at getting views, the people who make them rarely admit to their trickery, and people who want to believe in them refuse to see reason. It's a losing battle.
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    Looks real to me......
    Manoni Productions
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