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    Where's my premiere tools?

    All of the tools in my premiere CS3 toolbox have disappeared except the pen tool. What's up?

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    Are you sure that the other tools aren't just hidden? Perhaps right click on top of the tools 'area' and select to undock/maximize, and you should see your other tools, perhaps after a bit of resizing.

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    Also go to window > tools and make sure that the option is checked.
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    I used to get a similar thing happening with CS4. All the tools would be clumped on top of each other in the tools palette, making it look like there was only one. I could get round it by undocking the tools palette, or sometimes by changing the workspace. I didn't make too much effort to figure it out because I tend to use keyboard shortcuts anyway but it was a bit annoying. It hasn't happened since I upgraded to CS5.

    Anyway, try undocking the palette to see if it fixes the problem.
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