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    What Would You Charge a Real Estate Agent?

    Hello all,

    I wanted to get a collective response from all of you on what you might think would be an appropriate rate to charge a real estate agent in Miami for videos intended for the web?

    The videos will be a shot of the agent reading off of a script and will most likely take a couple of hours a piece (given the agent's lack of experience in front of a camera). They will be between 5-10 minutes long. Besides the actual shoot, there will also be editing as well as graphics.

    As for me I'm a freelance videographer with two years of experience under my belt. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    When i worked in South FL (before the economic crash) my freelance rate was 200 an hour. However i had at that time more then 2 years experience. What are you bringing to the table, meaning what kind of equipment do you have, (are you bringing a full light kit in, or just a camera light, you have a audio set up, or just a mic attached to the camera, is this HD or not {that should not make a difference, but people are willing to shell out a lot more for HD} how professional can the shoots look)? Also you say you have been freelancing for 2 years, what are your normal rates. I think that is a good place to start. I would try to get him/her to pay you by the hour for the first couple vids so you can get an idea what all is going to go into them, and how long they will take start to finish, then from there you can work out a per shoot price, or something like you will do 10 vids for X amount of money

    Hope this helped some.
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    I'm bringing a professional SD camera and tripod, with lavalier mics. When I first started my rates for video work was about $12-15 an hour, which included editing. I'm a casting PA for a cable network now and my rate for shooting has gone up to $30 an hour, no editing. However I feel I will be shortchanged by professional standards if that is what I charge him.

    Also are there any links to data I can refer to so when I do give him a price quote I have something concrete that I can back that up with?


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    If you charge a very low rate then the client will expect a poor result!!
    I charge an absolute minimum of $100 an hour for budget productions ...remember you have your big capital expenditure to offset, travel costs and more importantly your time!! $15 an hour is what you would get paid for a normal 9 - 5 job and you are not productive for 8 hours a day either!!!

    For normal commercial productions the rate should be at least $500 for a half day shoot and $1000 for a full day shoot. Just bear in mind that to shoot a 5 minute online video it will probably take at least 2 hours on site (if you are lucky and things go well!!) I did a short online video on how to drive an EV and after doing probably 5 or 6 sequences we found that the wind was bugging the audio so we had to move the car into a factory building and re-do everything again...these sort of things happen so you need to cover yourself for it.

    Remember also if the first video takes 4 hours to produce at $30 an hour then you have charged him $120 all up. He will expect the next one at the same price too so you are then stuck in the super-low budget groove and it's really not worth lugging all your gear and working half a morning for $100!!!


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    The videos will be a shot of the agent reading off of a script and will most likely take a couple of hours a piece (given the agent's lack of experience in front of a camera).
    That sounds like potential trouble. Are you asking the agent to speak to the camera for the entire script? Perhaps instead you can get him/her to memorize just a few parts of the script for the camera, and read the rest without worrying about the camera. You cover all that with shots of the property. If they are new at this it probably makes sense not to try and push them too hard working to the camera. Another option could be a mobile teleprompter (I use ProPrompter for the iPad/iPhone), but that's a whole other level of expense and hassle.
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    I just sent a potential client prices for a 5 minute Real Estate video with voice over. If you are doing a piece to camera, load the script into the free app called i-Prompt on the iPhone and use a magic arm to hold it directly under the lens (works a treat). That way he/she can easily read through the script 2 or 3 times...wide framing, mid framing and tight framing (gives you cutting options).

    Prices below are in Australian dollars, which is same as $US these days. I quoted on a full day shoot and full day edit.

    Full day shoot on location - $1,600
    Includes Director, Camera operator, XDCAM 350K Camera kit, dolly tracks and lighting
    (Special additions – Jimmy Jib crane $900 for exteriors).

    See samples of my crane shots I used in other Real Estate videos on my sample page at

    Voice over - $780
    Includes Director, Voice over artist and record studio.

    AMCOS/APRA Music rights - $50 per 30 seconds (www release).

    Editing - $880 ($110 per hour)
    Includes Director/Editor and Avid edit suite for 8 hours.

    Total - $3,510 without crane
    Total - $4,410 with crane
    Josh Rockman
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