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    Repetitive Editing

    I'm thinking of creating a video with 60 of the same thing in (basically pictures of people at school, and what they look like now - for a mini-reunion) - realistically, I don't want to have to repeat the same process of adding a picture in, and messing around with the transitions each time - is there any way that this could be coded or somehow simplified at all?

    I'd prefer to use Premiere Pro than After Effects, since that is what I have more experience in.


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    When working with a batch of photos I try to get them all named in the same order that I want to use them, if at all possible. For example, I'm making a slideshow at the moment and I asked the client to provide all the photos named by number in the correct order (img001, img002, etc). Then I just import the entire folder and drag it onto the timeline (making sure that the default still image duration is appropriate first).

    You can add the default transition to a selection in the timeline (Sequence > Apply Default Transition to Selection), so you could set up the transition you want as the default and do that.
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