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    Help Needed with PS GIF Animation

    Iím seeking a kind soul to help me complete an animated GIF for my homepage. Itís my first effort using Photoshop (CS5) and I spent around six hours producing it. Unfortunately I was unable to properly save it as an animation; my computer would just freeze and require rebooting. I was able to export the animation as a series of (over 500) Jpegs, but unable to convert them into a small GIF. I also tried using Easy GIF Animator, but my efforts resulted in memory-based error messages.

    The animation itself is only 18-seconds in length. It contains around sixty small layers. I have no idea as to why I am experiencing these problems. Iíve little experience in producing GIFs but was expecting the result to be around 200 to 300-KB, not several MBs, and certainly not a computer memory demand in the GBs! (Not that I actually got any real results.)

    Please help me overcome these issues. Iíve seen plenty of similarly sized web page animations which have very small file sizes. I was able to save the Photoshop (PSD) file, and would be very grateful if anyone could assist me with it.

    Iím new here and have read the rules on posting links. However, in order to provide my PSD file I have to post a link for it to be downloaded. I did conduct a quick search of the forum for moderators/contact info but found none. Therefore I was unable to request permission to do so. I know this post will be moderated so please permit my link!

    Link to download PSD file for animation:


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    I may be happy to help you, but I have a few questions before I download your file.

    How large will this GIF animation be onscreen (height x width dimensions on your site)?

    It sounds a little large and long to be done as a GIF Animation - it may lend itself to some other type of file.


    Allan Barnwell

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    this sounds great. Can you make it live here?


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