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    How do I create a transparent top layer to prevent casual image theft?

    I have Photoshop CS5 Extended and I am trying to create transparent top layers that will prevent casual image theft. How do I accomplish this?

    FYI: I did read through quite a few previous threads and there was one thread found here: that was sort of helpful. But the last step Dave mentioned was not available to me. I'm a PS newb so be gentle please?

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    Shamelessly bumping up my post

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    Which step exactly? Is it the option to save as a GIF? If so, make sure you have the file set to indexed colour (File > Mode > Indexed Color).
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    I think you are talking about a watermark. If you are not confident enough with creating your own, There are a lot of software that would allow you to put a watermark on your image. Those are paid though, so if you want to create it with your trusted photoshop, then there are a lot of ways around it.


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