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    ENG Camera Man Question

    I'm getting into editing and need to know which software
    most television news stations use. Whether it be Final Cut,
    Edius or Avid which should I focus on?

    Also, perhaps towards someone that works as a news videographer,
    I've heard that sometimes it's the journalists alone who will
    do the video editing on their stories, is this true?


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    Heartless, you may choose on either avid, sony vegas, or Adobe Premiere because these are the common softwares used in news stations/programs. But basically, the software that is used for news videos and all really depends on the preference of the station/company. Learning either one of these softwares and mastering its features will help you a lot even if it will not be the exact software that you'll use in the station.

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    I'm not in the industry, but I have heard that they use Avid more often than not. Of course, this depends on how big the TV station is, some smaller ones (perhaps public/free ones) might use other software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Could you send them an email perhaps, if you're already a cameraman for them, or even ask an editor that you know at the station?

    Again, not in the industry, but I know that the BBC's reporters (mainly regional/local ones) do their own shooting and interviewing. Whether they entered as a cameraman or journalist first varies, but they receive training to 'the other side', and as we know the beeb has a good quality level :-)

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    Alright I see what your saying, basically don't limit your knowledge.
    Thanks for the reply's. It's seems stressful for the journalists
    to be handling the photography, hope this doesn't become a standard.

    Well still I wonder about the format here in the states,
    whether it's common for stations to have one man in charge of
    package editing or if it gets delegated by assignments that
    both the video and journalist to do together... I'm in Washington.

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    As far as I'm aware it's still uncommon for journos to do their own editing but that may be changing. I'm involves less and less these days so I rely more and more on information from my friends who are still in TV.

    Regarding the software, you can't really go wrong if you know Final Cut. Although it may not be considered the top end of TV production software, it is regarded as an industry standard of sorts. In the end though it's more about editing skills in general than how well you know a particular application.
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    In Australia the Networks mainly use AVID over Final Cut but there are always both available in-house. Pay TV use AVID (some channels Final Cut)...Nat Geo opted out of using shared edit suites with other stations and gave each promo producer Final Cut on their desk computers. I don't know any news guys cutting their own stories, defiantly not local stuff...if you're a journo on the road or an over seas reporter you might have a basic portable cut suite with you for fast turn-a-round but news is to high end for that now days.

    I use AVID and love it, but saying that had to I turn down a three month edit for the ABC in Australia as it was on Final Cut which I don't know...
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    United kingdom, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia wow so diverse.
    It's nice to know that everyone's working under a similar system and group of software. Thanks for the input.

    Question: Has anyone checked out Zettl's tenth edition Television Production Handbook?
    Anything like the Ninth?

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    Philosophically speaking; as an editor, your tools are Sony Vega, FCP, Avid, Premier, etc... naturally they differ from one another but the end result is the same. It would be best to be familiar with all but master one until your ready to add to your arsenal.
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