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    Live Video Set Up

    Hey All,

    I am setting up a video system for the church I attend. I would like to set a 3 camera system (remote controlled, HD) , CG (lower 3rds, input from a computer, etc), mixer, camera control, and any other thing I would need. I have have a budget of about $12,000. My guess is I'll be purchasing used items so we can get the best bang for the buck.


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    Hi -
    If you're looking for 3 (used/cheap) HD cameras w/ remote control... which is also the the camera control unit or ccu...? That sounds like a virtual treasure if you're lucky to strike that pot of gold. HD is the current commodity, so it's being bought and not being sold as 2nd hand. Best bet may be to look for places that had gone out of business. Don't forget you need HD monitors to go along with that system. There was no mention of audio - is that part of your mentioned budget or separate?

    In truth, to get the equipment you want with the budget you mention will be a full time job to look for that.

    Since it's for a church, I suggest you do one thing - pray for it! And get your team to pray also!
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    As stated above, you may be looking for something that you can not find. However if you look hard enough i know there were a lot of churches in the area here (Charlotte NC) that went all out for their video/audio production budget. Some of those have spent too much money and not taken in enough (You know that is a bad formula even for a tax exempt such as a church) so they are selling off some stuff, or closing completely. You may want to do some research on churches that have crashed recently or are on the way down. Aslo, you could consider going SD and not HD.

    You could always up the donations on sundays and wait till you can 10 fold that budget and go 3D, but my 3D camera cost over the 20k mark. :-)
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    Thanks for you input. I ended going with standard def. The system I'm setting up will be running 3 Sony EVI-D70 1/4" CCD, Edirol / Roland V-4 Four Channel Video Mixer, and a Vaddio ProductionVIEW Precision Camera Control.

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