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    Premiere Pro CS3 Export using Quicktime

    I have Premiere Pro CS3 on PC's and Mac's. When I export video as a movie using Quick time the outputted clip appears to have interlaced scan line issues. We export the video using DV - NTSC compression, Pixel aspect ratio: D1/DV NTSC(0.9), and lower field first settings . Video with sharp edges or high contrast shots almost looks like they have saw tooth edges.

    I was hoping for a little guidance on this issue.


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    It sounds like you've used a combination of different field orders somewhere in the process. What format is the source footage? If it's HD, that's probably where the problem lies. Check the field order of the source footage first. I can't remember exactly where it is in CS3 but if you right-click a file in the Project Panel you should see the "Interpret Footage" option. In CS5 it's under Modify > Interpret Footage but IIRC in CS3 it's a separate option on its own.

    Also check the same thing in Sequence > Sequence Settings.

    Try playing around with the different options for field order (upper first, lower first, none).

    Do you have to use DV as the output format? Perhaps you could output with a different codec using upper field first or progressive.
    Dave Owen

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    The format is MiniDV and the projects in Premiere Pro are all setup using DV - NTSC Standard 48khz. (4:3 interlaced) I did play around with the field order a little bit today and tried a different compressor but that didn't seem to help. On Monday I will see what i come up with. I may also try exporting the project out to Encore and see how it handles it.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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