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    Tutorial Videos

    I am intersted in creating a tutorial video for a web site. Basically this video will be about using different softwares to create Invoice forms, documents & marketing material. What is the best way to approach this?

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    From a Non Expert... 1st what would capture your attention, 2nd plenty of tutorial vids and see what others have done..
    3rd keep a note of all the bits that got your attention and write your script...

    this has got to be your baby...learn from others but make it your own..think about the opening scene..grab peoples harsh with back and delete rubbish/garbage

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    Thank, What i really need to know is the best tools to use for creating the video & the best practices to follow so the video can be uploaded quickly & viewed by most browsers.

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    I think the problem with getting answers to a question like this is that there is no simple answer. There are many factors that go into producing even the most basic talking-head video, and getting it all right is a matter of experience. Hours, weeks, months and years of experience.

    To get started the best things you can do are to spend some time reading the video tutorials on this website and then have a go at making a test video yourself. Once you've done that, upload it to YouTube (or wherever we can see it) and ask for feedback. I'll be happy to tell you what I think you're doing right and wrong, and I honestly think that's a very efficient way to get up and running.

    In the meantime here are a few quick recommendations...
    - If you need a presenter, make a simple studio set and light it as well as you can.
    - Get some good screen capture software and practice using it. I like Camtasia. Don't muck around with substandard screen capture applications - it's not worth it.
    - Use an existing video host like YouTube or Vimeo. Upload the best quality version of the video you can produce and let them worry about transcoding it to a web-friendly format. YouTube can be seen on pretty much any computer or mobile device.
    Dave Owen

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