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    Please Help....http streaming.

    I have 2 files, both mpg files, both are about 3 and a half minutes long. One file is about 17 MB and the other is 10 MB. I am trying to set these files up on my website so that files start to play as they are downloaded instead having to make viewers wait for the entire download, which even over a cable modem takes some time. I realize I can not do "true" streaming as my host server is not capable of that. I have looked at the tutoriols on this site that state you can simulate it thru HTTP. I have tried following this advice. If I make a direct link to the file it is completely unstable as an MPG file can be opened in Realplayer, Windows Media PLayer, or Quicktime and I have no idea what my viewers could be using. If it opens in Media Player it does as it should and starts to "stream". What Realplayer does is depending on the user's settings, and Quicktime never does it. I also tried embedding it into my webpage using Media Player and no matter what I do it will not allow the movie to start to play until it is completely downloaded. Can anyone help me to get it to do as I want???

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    I should have answered this question before your other one, sorry about that. Anyway, it looks like you have decided to make the clips available as mov and rm files instead of mpg. I think this is a good move if you want better control. As you've discovered, an mpg file will be opened by whatever program the end user has set up as their default mpg player, and there's nothing you can do about that.
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