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    Footage in 16x9 , edit / tramsmission in 4x3

    Hi All,

    I know this topic is probably already discussed in several forums before, but i am in huge trouble and need desparate help so writing again to get some fresh ideas

    For our new channel, we are getting files from our partner in 16x9 format which we have to edit and broadcast in 4x3 format.

    what is the best way to do this considering i dont want a letterbox format as it will give black bars at top and bottom which will not be good for 4x3 tv viewers as they fell they are being robbed off the dscreen space and also i dont want to distort the picture by squeezing it.


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    I just did a shoot for ESPN...shot in 16:9 but they broadcast in 4:3 As long your vision is framed for 4:3 safe and all supers are also 4:3 safe you'll be fine.
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    Bips - I really do feel for you because this was a big question for many stations when the US FCC demanded digital format in broadcast changes, since the turn of the millennium.

    Decisions for current and longer term solutions have their deadlines and need to be addressed.

    Josh is right but I'd say it's only one solution. Depending on your partners and how they adhere to your transmission format, you may also have to do a pan & scan, as well. Someone will have to put in the time (and time = money) to re-edit for broadcast if you want full 4:3.

    However the 4:3 landscape is changing to 16:9 (unless you live in a small government country which may not care for progressive technology). What will you do with shows that are 16:9 (and now edited for 4:3) when the balance tilts in that format's favor?

    In truth, there are only a few solutions and none of them are perfect. It is a question of what are you willing to give up to make the broadcast's need a policy?
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