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    best and format for wedding video

    i want to know the best format and camera for wedding video. Is it the SDHC card or Tape. are the quality thesame? and which one is more durable? am use to minidv tape andit seems the card is taken over. thanks

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    Both work equally well as a recording medium but if you are doing lots of weddings you will save with cards. I replace my cards only every 6 months and previously with tape I was using new tapes every wedding (essential!!!) I probably save close to $1000 a year now with my commercial and events shoots by using cards.


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    Cards get my vote.
    Dave Owen

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    While I'm all for cards, I'd like to at least point out that tape does have its advantages. You can always stick a tape on the shelf, something you will be less likely to do with cards. Many wedding videographere like to go with HDV cameras that use both cards and tape for this reason.

    Allan Barnwell


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