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    Avid vs Final Cut Pro

    I've recently found a few places that have changed from Avid on their editing systems to FCP. Is Avid going to be obsolete in 5 (or 10) years and be replaced by FCP? That's what I'm hearing and wanted to check. Or is it just the users' preference for Mac over PC?

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    95% of all movies you see are created on AVID and most Television programs are as well. I left Broadcast Television 5 years ago (both Network and Pay TV) and only a small few Pay TV channels were using FCP...they did this as it was a cheaper option...No Network Television station use FCP in Australia.

    AVID is king in the world of high end...king in Hollywood, king in Broadcast... FCP sales grow at speeds due the very low cost...but AVID is taking on the price challenge and now sells the mighty Media Composer for around $3,000.

    AVID can run on PC OR Mac.

    I use AVID...always will.
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    Here is a hypothetical scenario...

    I have two edit suites and don’t need both so I am going to give you one for free.

    Both run on the same computers, have the same monitors, speakers and audio mixer is an AVID the other a Final Cut Pro...

    Which one do you take?
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