First off, hi all. Found your page whilst searching and it looked like a down to earth forum with the lack of pretenciousness found on many other similar sites. So I thought I would throw out a few questions and see what comes back.

So, a moment of clarity, weeks of research on market feasibility and I realise I may just have a money maker on my hands. Now what?

Ok a bit about myself first. Im probably older than most folk here. I have lots of hands-on experience in production and can handle post production to a semi-competent level. I have been involved in programmes that were broadcast in the UK including documentaries, short films and promos.

I mention my age because after years of production work I was invovled in a very bad car crash which left me pretty messed up. I never returned fully to production although I have kept up with tech developments. I was 3 years in film school ( many years ago, video was just becoming popular )
but admit my rustiness in a few certain aspects of today's game.
So what am I doing here? Well, recently I realised that although I dont have the physical ability for the hussle and bussle of full-on production work I still have enough knowledge to write treatments and test ideas for video projects.
As I said I think I have come up with something that has the potential to do well in the DVD education market, but I am starting from scratch and I know that pre-production is not my forte. I want to get to a point where I have a solid pre-production package to present to potential financial backers.

Up to now I have a script outline, a format outline, and a storyboard and am armed with some very relevant facts that will make a pretty good pitch speech.

But now the hard work begins. I need to back this up with budgets, figures and other pre-prod paperwork, in short, my weakness.
So my request is for advice and info on how to go about it , where to find resources for budgeting, other requirements and all the other stuff I am giong need to know. This is my first attempt at producing something from Pre-prod to Post and I am happy to tell the world of my sheer lack of knowledge as to what to do and ask for help.
Creatively, the production itself I am sure I can handle,although even there I recognize failings in the organisational side. Post I have got covered, with the exception of distrubition deals.

I know there are ways of selling the idea to an actual production company but the nature of the idea and the simplicity of being able to rip it off makes me shy away from that option right now. Its hard to copyright an idea this simple,its just that no-one has thought it through well up till now.
Its basically seeing a hole in a certain market and hoping to capitalize on it.
I work out of UK mostly.

I may have gone on to long so I will sign off hoping to hear back from folks with advice.

thanks in advance