I will be documenting a 10-day study tour abroad. The client is a university department (Big Ten). I am in the US as an international student, so I am not in touch with the accepted rates. I would be very grateful if someone could advice me on how to budget my services.

My services include preproduction and production. In particular, I am developing a concept that includes various outcomes and formats for the imagery. I am also putting together a list of the equipment (cameras/audio/light kits…) that I would recommend for the project. In other words, all the gear will be provided by the client. Travel costs (flights, local travel, food, and lodging) are also taken care of by the client.
Production aspect: I will be working as a camera man and producer on location. I will document the trip / the experience as we go along. In the evenings I will be setting up and conducting interviews with the participants. Basically, I will be up and about all day-and-night. I will not have an assistant, although I plan to involve participants now and again on a second camera so as to shoot more footage. Postproduction is not part of the contract. Most probably I will be involved with the postproduction too. However, no concrete arrangements are made until further funding is awarded.

My profile: I worked as a director and producer in corporate video production and advertising. I have experience with a wide range of communication media/technologies (print/publishing; audiovisual, interactive and/or web-based media; compositing and 3D animation). Having said that, I am new to a project of this nature and scale.

How would I go on budgeting my services? What would be a fair rate?
Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts. -Driesus