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    Looking for a C# SDK.... Please read and help

    Hey guys. I know i usually supply help and answers on this forum, well now is your turn to help me.

    I am working on a project that i will need to control 3 cameras at one time via a SDK, and i need the coding to be in C#. I know there are plenty of SDKs out there for both Canon and Nikon Cameras, but all that i can find is C++ code with a C# patch. Unfortunately this will not work with the current inventory setup of the company i am working for.

    I am open to either Canon or Nikon (or something else if it will produce great quality shots) Please let me know if you know of a solution for this. 3rd party SDKs are welcome too, i am not about to limit myself to a program that a camera company puts out as opposed to a software company.

    Thanks guys.
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    For Canons (a little dated), check if this helps.

    Nikons might not be written in the coding you want, and they are more miserly in terms of releasing their SDKs.. you need to fill in forms to even have a look see... Here's the link. A possible third party could help, but I doubt he wrote it in C#. The official software is Camera Pro 2.

    Sorry for the limitation as I don't do much RC.
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