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    Editting programs for video?

    I am pretty new to putting videos together. I started out using windows movie maker and have a good grasp of how to use such a basic program.
    Now I would like to upgrade to a better editting program. I use an HD camcorder and film mostly mountain bike stunt videos.
    I would like to manipulate audio, shutting out certain voices in the background.
    Input better looking test/graphics into the video.

    Any suggestions and advantages of using certain programs would be appreciated!


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    The first thing you need to check is whether a potential NLE will import your camera's native files!! Most HD camcorders seem to be heading towards AVCHD video so make sure that the NLE you choose can import it. It's really just a personal choice in the end so try them all!!

    I'm a big fan of Sony Vegas and have been using it since Version 3!!! Their Vegas Movie Studio is a good price and is easy to use too!! (and imports AVCHD files)


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    Vegas is not a bad idea, but it might be complex for starters.
    Chris, you might want to try Adobe products. CS3 wouldn't be a bad start. Enjoy

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I actually just visited my local electronics store and saw the Adobe products and they seem good but there are a few other cheaper ones out there. Hard to make a choice between them all.

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    Edius is the best I have used. Not cheap but works well with all Adobe and third plug-in software. renders fast and a breeze to use.

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    Is there any really good video editing program for Windows computer? I mean like really good editing program..maybe something that could match up to Final Cut Pro.

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    I use both Premiere Pro on Windows and Final Cut Studio on a Mac. They each have their pros and cons but I think they're pretty similar in power/features. I actually prefer PPRO but that could be because I learnt on it, and my PC is much gruntier than my Mac. In any case, contrary to what some people say, PPRO is definitely in the same league as FCS.
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    For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know this already: from the standpoint of where the video industry is going based on installed users, Final Cut Pro currently has the largest installed base (and growing faster than any other), and Premier Pro is now basically tied with Avid, but is on an upward climb while Avid is on a downward trend. Again - this is based on sales and installed user information - not opinion, and I'm not making any judgments about the applications, just simply stating the sales facts.

    While Final Cut is only available on the mac, it will be available via download only (no software discs) through the Apple App Store in June. This is much to the disappointment of long-time Apple pro video dealers like myself - sigh...

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    I would say that Premiere Pro is in a league beyond FCP. Apple seems to be dumping broadcasters hard. I can't say for this year, but for 2009 and 2010, "Apple [wasn't] at NAB". Dolby made a plugin for LM-100 (LEQ-A/ITU BS.1770) metering for all editors, including FCP per its guidelines, and couldn't get it to work on FCP. Told Apple about the problem with their system and was basically told to shove off. Dolby.

    Anyway, back to the question at hand. While I personally like Premiere Pro much more than Vegas, it seems that Vegas would be more suited to the knowledge, workflow, and process that bij describes. I cannot confirm if it supports the required video formats but I believe there is a trial version available.
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    Yes, I also want that one, if you got one, please let me know. Thank you in advance!

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