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    Converting HD video to SD video

    Hi everybody! I'm a self taught filmmaker and am very comfortable with the Adobe production suite. I have been working with SD up till now and have purchased a JVC GZ-HD7. It seems to be a great camera. I'm ingesting with the provided software via usb2. I am planning on using a BM intensity pro capture card,if the camera allows it.

    Anyways, the HDV is converted to mpeg and ready to use. I can export HD with PP2, but I want to convert the footage to SD, as not everyone is ready for my HD movies. My question is regarding converting the HDV to a SD format without losing the picture "quality" I understand the decrease in resolution, but am compelled to ask...If George Lucas can film with HD and I watch the movie on my non HDTV, then why can't I do the same thing?

    I am trying out Cineforms' ProspectHD and have converted my 1920x1080HD to cineformHD 720x486SD and am fairly pleased with the results. Is this the only way, do I have to spend $1000+ to convert my footage, or are there other options? I hate to spend the money just to use CF as a downconverting tool, as PP2 can work with my HD footage easily and export it. Any tips and direction would be appreciated! I have asked many people in the real world and they don't understand I hope this makes sense to you all here.

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    I guess no one here knows either.....

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    Hmm, I've never thought about it that way... sorry I can't help you

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    I'm not sure I understand your problem completely. I Assume you have tried exporting your video as standard def (File > Export > Movie) but are unhappy with the results.

    I edit HDV using Premiere and output to standard 16x9 DV. The end quality is obviously not as nice as HDV but it's fine for DV. Is there a specific problem with the quality of your output file?

    BTW I'm looking forward to getting Adobe Encore CS3 which allows you to easily output a project as both Blu-Ray and standard DVD.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks for the replies! Ya, the visual quality is not what I am happy with by directly exporting it. I guess what it comes down to is how 'Hollywood' gives us the picture quality we see on our tv. Thats why I chose to go the HDV capturing the best possible image I am hoping to have more to work with. The colour space is the key and I am wondering if I need Cineform or the likes to control it...I just wanted to see what you guys here thought about it. Thanks again,

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    The Answer is ridiculously inexpensive.

    After quite a bit of personal experimentation I believe that the answer to this common issue is a little piece of software called "Any video converter".

    It's insanely cheap but believe it or not it produces a better result than Procoder.
    The demo version lets you encode 3 minutes, which should be enough to convince you.

    Just convert from full HD MPEG-2 to highest quality DVD output and be amazed at how this one slipped under the radar...

    p.s. Check in the options box that audio is not set to normalise (default setting).
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    Hi Dev Gear
    It's worth sending a PM to my friend Brido here!! He has a lot of experience now with HD to SD and has CineForm so you can get some objective ideas from him

    I'll also ask him to check this topic


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    What differences do you notice between the two scaling methods?
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    Also, are you trying to letterbox or pan and scan?
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