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    Mic's in the wind?


    I am in need of some advice. I have recently been filming a snowboarding film. But what i have come across is my sound is very bad when it comes to following someone and filming. Even tho there may not be wind just me going done the hill picks up wind. I am filming on a Panasonic sd600k. Is there any mic that i could use( I have a low budget under 80) that does pick up wind at all? or a muffler i could put over a mic? I saw a few people using mic that had wiskers or feathers on them would that do it? If someone could put me in the right direction that would be great. keep in mind since i am doing a follow cam i normally use this...


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    You just need a good wind sock...try "wind sock"
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    Ideally you need to enclose you mic in a cage that will break the wind. If you look at my DIY page you will see how to make one using a cheap bird feeder. The commercial ones are called "blimps" or "zepplins" ..the cage is then covered in a long fibre fur fabric that also traps the wind.

    I made mine for a few dollars.. craft shops often have fur fabric offcuts!!

    It's a little bulky but really works...on location TV crews will often use the same thing on a boom!!!

    Otherwise I often see mic foam windsocks on eBay for as little as $10.00 but you will need to use an external mic on your's pretty hard to try and shield the built-in mic as it's part of the housing.



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