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    Tips needed for indoor video

    Hello everyone, it's nice to join your forum. I'm having a problem getting indoor footage of the full body doing exercises. I have an indoor studio 36' long x 15' wide x 8' high and I'm using 3 point lighting (balanced full spectrum) Can you provide me with any tips as to proper distance positioning of my Canon Vixia 40 HD camera (on a tripod) so that I'm not so far away that the ceiling and side walls with the lights) are in the shot and the person seems too small in the frame? I've tried with a wide angle lens; if I zoom in I lose either the hands or the feet of the talent.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Bonjour NovaLady & welcome to MC,

    It seems you're doing everything alright. Adjusting talent to camera distant to get the right frame, is trial and error depending on the lens.

    There's nothing wrong with keeping the whole body in frame. However, you may need to do additional recordings with close-ups of other parts of the body that needs emphasis. These would be your cut-aways; this helps to break up the monotonous one-shot.

    There are instances that I prefer to see the whole body and no close-ups or maybe really brief ones. Two categories that come into mind is dancing and martial arts.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful.
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    Try panning as well. Shots with movements get the viewer more involved with the action, specially with exercise videos.
    If you can do a dolly type shot, even better.


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