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    Plan B

    OK, I give up. The reformatting in Word is just too much to bear. I'm now on plan B, as suggested by Dave.

    If you have XP SP2, you can use Acrobat reader 7.0, which does NOT display "COPY" when viewing. That means that, when you copy and paste into Word and then crop, the resultant image is fine.

    I've done a few trial pages and they print out OK. I've put two columns on an A4 landscape and put the images as two-up A5. And by the way, Phil, if you can't read it at A5, how do you take photographs? (Only joking. I'm 52 and my sight isn't what it used to be either. I can see what you mean about the A6 size.)

    I'm now expecting the camera to be delivered by Friday so I'm going to have to get my head down and get the pages copied. I'll be doing a 1 to 187 consecutively first and then a "book" format so that I can print in duplex to create a proper printed manual. I have one of those staple guns. If I put a piece of timber under the paper when I use it, I can bind the pages (by folding the staple ends over with a screwdriver or something) then stick a cover round it with evo-stik.

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    H Fotoohi


    Quote: Phil
    This is available on the PowerShot website but has COPY printed right across every page. Does anyone know if this is available as pdf without "copy" printed all over it. I want to print it as A4 so it's EASIER to read than the tiny A?6 thing that comes with the camera!
    My user anual is in german.
    Can u help?

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    I got it to print on 8 1/2" x 11" to fit without the work copy written on any page in Adobe Acrobat7 by going to view navigation tabs and turning on layers, then go to edit preferences and under startup turn on documents with layers and turning off allow layer state to be set by user information. Then under layer option make sure nothing is checked. This worked for me, not sure if it will work for you.

    Hope this helps.


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    Here's a clean copy of the manual:

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    Can't seem to remove COPY layer

    I am trying to use the technique described for the S2 manual on the .pdf of the S5 manual, which has the same COPY problem. I downloaded Adober Reader 7 and tried to follow the directions. I still have COPY across every page. This is exceedingly annoying. I cannot read the small font for the manual and it's irritating that I cannot print out larger pages. Canon is insulting owners with this setup. There's no good reason to have security that places owners in the position of hacking a manual they paid for when they bought the camera. It isn't as if Canon sells a large print edition.

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    Need some advice

    My Canon S2 has a black screen and viewfinder. I takes pictures but image doen' appear. It has an icon of a hand on the screen. Any suggestion to what is going on?

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    Re: Canon Digital Camera S2 IS user manual

    Quote: Jon
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    Well, the deed is done. I ordered the S2 from pixmania in Europe at 3:00am this morning, after struggling to justify the money when I have a perfectly good, 19 year-old, Miniolta X-300 35mm stills camera with a 50mm lens and a 70mm - 210mm zoom lens.

    I ordered the camera (Eur 505.00) as well as a 66X speed 1GB SD card, 8 2500mAh NiMH batteries and a fast charger (2.5 hours) for Eur 684.00, including postage and packing. I hope it lasts as long as the Minolta.

    The camera alone is Eur 689.00 where I live.

    Work on the manual continues apace (in spite of a lack of sleep caused by my 18 year-old son crashing our car into a granite fence support at 5:00am today). I have converted it all into a Microsnot Word document, without "COPY" on every page.

    I'm now going to convert this document into one that is properly formatted, that is to say identical to the original pdf file. I'll follow that by creating a version that will allow me to print it as a book with duplex printing, etc. All this will be at A6 size.

    I can create a pdf at any stage but I see Phil was looking for A4. I'm not sure what would be around to do that.

    With respect to the software, according to Canon UK (

    the following software is included on the CD that comes with the camera:

    Browsing & Printing ZoomBrowser EX (PhotoRecord) / ImageBrowser
    Other PhotoStitch, RemoteCapture

    Drivers TWAIN (Windows 98 / 2000), WIA (Windows Me

    Image Manipulation
    ArcSoft PhotoStudio

    Hax4s, might it not be the case that the software that you are looking for has been superseded by software that is included with the S2? Does anyone know?

    Having never heard of it before, I had a look at a PhotoStitch sample on It's brilliant! I really hadn't thought of doing that. It's something that you sometimes do with a 35mm film camera but never quite get round to getting processed. Also, with digital imaging, you'll never see the joins.

    I can't wait to get this camera.

    If anyone wants me to mail them the Word documents or password-free pdf file, mail me at It's a virtual address on ChoiceMail One so I'm quite happy to publish it. I can just kill it if it starts getting spam.

    Hi Jon,

    I read this conversation and I take this opportunity to ask you send me the Word documents or password-free user manual.

    I am in Africa country known as Tanzania, and I bought 1pc of this Camera without a manual and I am getting difficulties to operate it.

    Pls assist me by sending through my email:

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