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    BEST Video Sharing Script , dave can you help me? i cant find one

    i have this great idea and i have money but i need best BEST Video Sharing Script that i can find, i hope to find maybe facebook mods in it and maybe also other modern mods.

    i saw your article but it was in 2008

    i tried the clip share, i don't like . they do not update the version for to much time
    clip bucket - i don't trust Arslan, they made very mad impression
    agriya - do not offer script that i can change it

    i want to integrate html 5 player for my iphone clients.

    please advise me witch one it the best , i don't care about the money (until 800usd)


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    I'm afraid you won't like my answer. I tried very hard to get a decent video sharing script but in the end I gave up. I'm now using vBulletin (the software this forum uses) with YouTube. Instead of getting people to upload their videos to my server I just get them to upload to YouTube and embed from there. That almost certainly won't suit you, but at the same time it could be a possibility. There's a lot to be said for using tools people are already familiar with, and I have to say handing over the heavy lifting of video hosting to YouTube is a big stress relief.

    Basically none of the existing scripts were mature or robust enough. Most of them seem to be run by garage-based startups with poor business plans and constantly-lapsing development targets. I'm hardly in a position to be criticizing them for such things, but that is how I saw it - at least that was the case almost 12 months ago. It may have changed but if there's been any significant movement I'm not aware of it.

    Another thing that really bugged me about video sharing scripts is the number of companies ripping each other off. At one stage it seemed like 2/3 of the available scripts were plagiarised from the other 1/3.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. If you do happen to find a decent script I'd appreciate hearing about it.
    Dave Owen


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