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    Need lesson / advice for camera setting for still shots

    I am Novice, using Nikon D5000 for still shots. For this assignment I have arranged Extra 3( 250 Watt Flash Lights).
    I need advice for Initial setting of the camera.
    This camera has Live View option,under normal studio lighting I can adjust the speed and apperture in P mode.
    I will be using the Camera from top with Remote, hence prior adjustment is necessary.
    Please advice sight for technical lesson

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    Hi there Dutta,

    I am not quite sure of your set-up, and why you need to remotely trigger your shutter, but there are few things to note, regardless of whether it's your 1st or 1000 time using your gear...

    1. Power of lights
    Which light is the key light (main light) on the subject? Which is the fill light (abt 50-75% less main light output)? Any back light? Set those first.

    2. Light meter
    Do you have a light meter? It is important to use a light meter to take the amount of flash that will fall on your subject (you take it from subject's 'POV' with the meter sphere facing the camera lens, hence taking what we call 'incident reading'). The light meter requires some preset information, ISO, Aperture or Shutter. Input whichever is the key factor (for eg you want depth of field as most important constant, so have that in, so that the meter can work around it)

    3. Focus and test shots
    In studio, unless you are doing models (live), focus is usually in manual. Focus, having settings done as per your meter reading and fire away... if it is possible, tether (I don't know if D5000 has this) to an external computer so you have a bigger monitor to preview. All ready? Go for the kill!

    Remember these troublesome things can save your time and efforts, and if you are on a paid-for assignment, it can save your reputation and even your skin!

    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    nagar is right. I would suggest forget automatic or semi automatic modes. Learn to use Manual. Get an assisting job.

    What are you shooting? We do use remote fire but that is only for long exposure to stop the vibration the shutter button may/or may not cause, even with that our stand is extremely heavy and not a tripod.
    Remember to set correct white balance, shutter speed and aperture.
    take some test shots post them here and we can help you

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    Taking up pictures is one of my hobby. Thank you for the tips.


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