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    Wordpress vs Joomla

    Hello Friends, I am Alex.
    I am new here. I want to know that in your opinion which is easy and better Wordpress Or Joomla.....

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    It's been a while since I've worked on either but my impressions were that Wordpress is the easier solution, suitable for simpler applications and webmasters who aren't developers. Joomla is the powerhouse solution but maybe more difficult to learn. Remember that Wordpress is basically a blog tool that grew to be able to handle websites, whereas Joomla was designed as a comprehensive solution that includes lots of bells and whistles.

    Of course it really depends on what you want to use it for. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, don't forget about Drupal.
    Dave Owen

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    Well, it is totally depends on your choice and requirements. I have experience of both CMS and that's why I can say that both have almost same features. Wordpress and Joomla both are very user friendly CMS. Wordpress is widely used by so many people at present time that's why its importance is bit high than Joomla but figures of Joomla users are also increasing day by day. So it is very difficult to say that which one is best.
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    Joomla is an award winning CMS or content management system which is helpful in building a website with strong online application support while Wordpress is a blog tool or a publishing platform which is powered by PHP and MySQL. So I think Both are Good to use.

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    I agree, everything depends on reason, why you want to create a page. I work with WordPress and honestly I like this cms, meets my all needs. But funs of Joomla is a lot and I am sure this cms is also nice in using. Check details about both of them and answer to question which is better to your businees.

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    I am going with Joomla because It having many feature Some of them i mention follow
    Ability to Support Other Databases
    Linking New Menus with a Module
    Use the Images and URL Fields to Create Simple Standardized Layouts
    Greater Flexibility Filtering by Category in Article Manager
    Database Version Fix Button
    CAPTCHA in Core and many more

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    WordPress is easier as compare to joomela. I worked at both the blogs but Wordpress is more comfortable.


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