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    Recording to CD for quick distribution

    Hello all - I'm looking for a solution to a challenge I have come up against as the Media Director of a church.

    Often in our services, the Pastor will pray for someone, or speak a word of encouragement, etc. Up to now we have always recorded those "personal words" to cassette tapes, and given them to each person as a gift.

    We have a dual well cassette recorder that enables us to quickly switch tapes if there is more than one prayer close together (each person gets a tape with only their prayer on it), which happens quite frequently. This has been a great system, since the tapes are instantly ready and able to be handed out directly following the service.

    The problem we are finding now is that more and more people do not have a cassette player anymore, and therefore can't listen to their tapes. We are wanting to upgrade this whole process to use CDs instead. We already record directly to CD for our main sermon recordings, so I am familiar with the equipment and process of recording to CD.

    Here's the problem: When recording to CD, each disk must be "finalized", or "closed' before it can be used on a CD player. On our current CD recorder (Tascam 302 mkII), this process takes over 1 minute, so there is no way to quickly switch to another disk. By the time the current disk is finalized, ejected, labelled, and a new disk loaded, and the recorder reads and confirms a blank disk, probably 2 min is gone, and the prayer has not gotten recorded for the next person.

    The solution I have come up with so far (but not put into practice) is to use a dual disk recorder, like the Microboards Copywriter Live, as a dedicated machine for this use, so we can still use our current CD recorder for the sermon recordings, as these scenarios sometimes happen at the same time (sermon & personal prayer) but still have the capability to quickly switch between 2 disks, without missing anything. We currently use a Copywriter for a different application, and the switch between disks is instant once you push the disk change button.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation, and what did you do, or does anyone have any suggestions for this scenario?

    I would like to get as much insight and input as possible before paying $1400 for 2 machines

    Thanks very much!!


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    Here is an idea, when the Pastor gets to a prayer use the track mark function on the "Sermon Master Disc". Then after the service and the Master is finalized simply dub, from the master, the specific track mark.

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    I have an idea that I hope you don't mind if I express it: because it doesn't really help your situation.

    Up to now, I'm surprise there aren't many 500MB or 1GB USB Flash drives AND they're still expensive in comparison. I would think that this would be the way to distribute many things, unless life expectancy of a flash drive is poor in comparison to a disc.

    Anyway a flash drive is smaller, easy to store (or lose), is re-usable, I think it's greener!

    I've seen USB duplication units, so the footprint is smaller than a cd/dvd duplicator.

    Btw, I've must have thrown out about four cassette dubber and a dozen cassette decks (singles & duals) at my job in late December last year. Most of it still in good shape, still working... but nobody does tapes anymore. It broke my heart to toss those out.
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    Solution I found !

    I am still in early stages of this so no long term feedback, but I was facing the same thing, but often in a back to back... situation. About a month ago I found a dual CD recorder at all pro sound in Pensacola FL (MICROBOARDS COPY WRITER LIVE CD DUAL REC/DUP).

    Unfortunately you still have to finalize the CD (No way around that) but you can switch CD's and be recording while the other is being finalized. so far my only complaint is no remote as I am often having to also run the board, and as different people take the mike the volume changes so I am jumping back and forth to keep on top of things it also has the ability to press "record" button during recording to add a track marker so as different people minister to them or if it's a couple or family I can make different tracks so when they listen they can flip to a certain track. I hope this helps.

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