This is an experimental new forum where regular contributors can post examples of their videos and short films. Instructions are provided below, but first, please note:

We don't want this showcase to be a magnet for spammers and rabid self-promoters. We have to limit it in some way, so (for now at least) we're limiting it to "Established Members". Basically this means that you'll need to post at least 10 messages in other areas of our forum before you're allowed to post in the showcase.

To post your video here:

(1) Upload your video to any of the following websites: Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google, Facebook

(2) Come to the showcase forum and click "New Thread".

(3) Just above the form where you enter your message, look for the Insert Video icon that looks like this: . Click the icon and enter the URL of your video.

(4) Underneath (or above) the video, type in any information you want about the video. As well as providing information to viewers, this helps your video appear in search results.

IMPORTANT: If your video contains anything that may be considered offensive, please post a clear warning (e.g. coarse language, sexual content, religious satire, etc).

(5) Click the submit button and wait for the critical analysis!